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Kitchen Refurbishment

Whether you’re making food, grabbing a drink, doing some cleaning, or just having a quick catchup, a big chunk of our lives are spent in our kitchens – so they ought to look their best. Kitchen refurbishment is now a lot simpler and cost effective than ever before, thanks to the unique spray-painting methods we have developed at Bespoke Spraying Solutions.

We spray on site to help reduce time, which in turn reduces the cost for our clients. Our first step is to give your kitchen cabinets a deep clean with a degreasing agent, so that we can be sure we get perfect results when spraying. We also spray the cabinets vertically which means we can spray both sides at once. This method is less common in the industry due to the high level of skill needed to execute it successfully, but it helps in reducing time and is a method that we have mastered through years of experience. We can even spray your kitchen tiles to give your kitchen a brilliant finish. Our methods are so well refined that you won’t even need to empty the cupboards, which makes updating the style of your kitchen that little bit more convenient.


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