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Whole House Respray

This is becoming a much more sought after option for those who want the ultimate “WOW” finish.

Sometimes when you’ve newly moved into a property, or alternatively, it’s been lived in for quite a while, it’s nice to start afresh. A whole house respray is the perfect way to undergo house renovation. The spraying method can be used on a range surfaces and materials, giving you much more freedom and flexibility when redecorating your home, while also providing breath-taking results.

It’s advised to go through with a house renovation, such as repainting your interior, at least once every 10 years in order to cover unsightly smudges and to keep unwanted cracks at bay. It becomes quite obvious when a home is in need of a coat of paint to freshen it up a little, but choosing the perfect colour and finish for your home can often be a tricky process to navigate alone. Bespoke Spraying Solutions are more than happy to give you free advice about colour options, combinations and finishes that will really compliment your living space.

Feeling stuck with dark walls that you worry will be too expensive or take too much time to cover with a lighter colour? We always carry out detailed estimations to put your mind at ease. We ensure that you know what to expect in what timeframe and will work with you to make sure we can give you the best results possible for your price range


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